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Ranking: 9.75 out of 10
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Boardy Barn

270 W. Montauk Hwy.
Hampton Bays, NY 11946


We kindly request that customers don't wear orange shirts to the barn.



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(10 out of 10)
Jesse A. Roberts from Westhampton
The Boardy Barn is a combination of the best keg party, bar, club & wedding reception you've ever been to; all rolled up into four hours on Sunday afternoons in the summer.

(10 out of 10)
Mike from Hampton Bays
the greatest place on earth

(10 out of 10)
Nick from Oakdale
this place is sick if you are planning on getting OBLITERATED! Don't wear anything too nice bc chances are your getting beer on it. And once you leave goto some other Hamptons spot and you don't gotta buy too many $6 beers.

(9 out of 10)
Boom from Southampton, Ny
Get started early, lines start to form around 3 (the bar is open on Sundays, 4-8pm). DO NOT wear anything you dont mind ever wearing again, since many sandals and shirts have been lost here. Overall it's a good time, unless youre the DD, then the crowd can get annoying.