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Ranking: 6.67 out of 10
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660 6th Ave.
New York, NY




User Reviews

There are 6 user reviews at this time.

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(10 out of 10)
Eric from NYC
lol hey john get over your self bro..this club is for the underground part people, not for ktu heads such as your self.

(10 out of 10)
George from Pennsylvania

(3 out of 10)
John from Highland Falls, Ny
Been there twice..Not worth the cover price. The croud is a mix of homosexuals and sweaty acid trippers. The dance floor is bear except for the stage...where kids spin glow sticks for their tripped out friends. I'd try my luck someplace else. The idea of clubbing in an old Church with neon numbers 666 was a bit sobering as well.

(8 out of 10)
Lenny from Middletown, Ny
Never a dull event. Always big name Trance DJ'S. If you have a bad night, it's your own fault.

(3 out of 10)
Ashley from Shaolin ,new York
the club itself is iight, the people that go are sad, all these dudes dancin w/ each other rather than with the girls, stupid. DJ needs to update his music 2

(6 out of 10)
H00ked0ncr0nic from Uptown Uptown!
Well...It is a very beautiful church turned into a club.Has many floors and plenty dance floors!The bathrooms are great the women are pretty and the staff is HORRIBLE !! The worst staff/bouncers I have ever seen(and I been to alot of clubs...).The Bouncers are the rudest/violent pieces of dirt,I have seen so far.The bartenders are very rude and impolite.If the Avalon would only get better staff it would be a great wonderful place!(oh yeah they must gets rid of the (dog size) rats!!!!!!0))000)0ioOOoOoOoooooooo!