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Ranking: 6.75 out of 10
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Whiskey Blue

(W. NY Hotel) 541 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY




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(8 out of 10)
Janine from West Hempstead, N.y
If your looking for a chill place to sit and have a drink or two, this is the place. They play good music and the waitresses are very attentive. This is not a club, it's more like a trendy after work lounge. I personally enjoy the Whiskey Blue.

(9 out of 10)
Marlon from Q-borough
I went there on a Thursday, and it was just thick in there.The atmosphere was very cool.I had a slammin time. The drinks are a bit expensive but hey you are in New York City and everything has a price and you get what you pay for. And the Whiskey Blue is worth it. I would recommend it to anyone looking to have a good time.

(2 out of 10)
Kat from Flushing, Ny
Wacked!!!!!! It use to be the bomb 10 years ago but the crowd is fugly. There use to be beautiful people not anymore but fat people. Many floors to go too and a variety of music. The ambiance is cool but it's just not kickin anymore.

(8 out of 10)
Monica from New York
Nice bar and crowd. Very mellow.