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NYClubs.com prides itself on being the best Long Island (and New York) club resource on the web thats dedicated to it's visitors. We rely on our visitors to keep us posted, and in return, we offer an easy to use, comprehensive directory for individuals looking for a fun night on the town. As a way to thank you, our supporters (and to help pay for hosting and bandwidth costs) we have compiled links to quite a few great items. We have partnered with Amazon.com to ensure that your shopping experience is unmatched. Enjoy our wares.

Show Off

Shine on the dance floor and with glowsticks and incredible body jewelery. Stand out from everyone else in the nightclub.


Get your groove on by learning some of the hottest dance moves. Don't be the awkward one on the dance floor. Pick up a DVD to learn the skills needed to impress.


Find new nightclubs, Build confidence, learn to meet new people.

Just for Fun

NY Clubs asks that you club responsibly. Don't drive drunk or tired. Here's some items we thought can help you have a safe evening at the clubs.